General Rules


Each and every student admitted to the college must adhere to the rules and regulations mentioned in the prospectus and any other conditions, guidelines introduced by the management from time to time. The management reserves the right to change any condition/ rule at any time without assigning any reason.

    • To appear in the university professional examination, 75% attendance of Lectures/ Practical/ Tutorials is compulsory as per university guidelines. Anybody short of 75% attendance will not be allowed to appear in the professional examinations. A student will be treated as absent from class and no lecture will be considered during the period of medical leave.
    • All students shall have to attend practical classes in the labs and or where ever the practical is performed.
    • The student absenting himself continuously for three months without any information is liable to be struck off from the college rolls. In case of re-admission student shall have to pay fine of Rs. 10,000/- (Ten Thousand Only).
    • Students will have to go to the clinics and field practice area as per the schedule made available to them by the college authorities.
    • No student is allowed to leave the college campus during the college hours without permission of the concerned authorities.
    • Fees due for the session are required to be deposited in advance or at the time of commencement of the session.
    • Students are not allowed to receive any money from the patients under any circumstances.
    • No students will possess any mobile phone in the college campus. In case, you have the same, you can deposit with the security guard/ gateman. Anybody violating this rule is liable for a fine of Rs. 1000/- along with confiscating of cell phone.
    • The institute reserves the right of police verification of any student after admission.
    • An identity card will be issued to the students which he or she is required to keep with him/her at all times. In case of loss of the I-card, the student will be charged Rs. 100/- for the issue of duplicate I-Card.
    • No student is allowed to paste any notice and or display banner in the college premises.
    • The possession of any drug or alcoholic beverage is strictly prohibited in the college campus.
    • The possession of fire arms and big knife is strictly prohibited in the college campus.
    • Gambling or betting is strictly prohibited in the hostel and college campus.
    • Any student indulging in indiscipline which is contrary to the congenial atmosphere of the college/ hospital can attract fine, suspension, expulsion and rustication if found guilty.
    • The college management reserves the right to alter the rules and regulations from time to time.
    • The college will charge full fee of the complete course in case any student migrates/ leaves the course in between.
    • In case of damage of the college or hospital property the student is liable to compensate the damage.
    • Examinations shall be conducted by Dr. S.R. Rajasthan Ayurved University, Jodhpur. The eligibility to appear shall be as per the guidelines of the University.
    • 20 Four session examinations will be conducted during every professional course and the attendance in the same is compulsory.
    • Note: – Every student is liable to submit an affidavit of the prescribed form to comply with the above rules after admission within fortnight.
    • RAGGING:-¬†Under no circumstances ragging is allowed in the college campus including hostel. Anybody involved in ragging attracts direct expulsion and rustication. Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has totally banned ragging. The affidavit Performa to be filled in this respect is attached as Annexure I&II, may be filled and submitted at the time of admission.